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Monday, December 13, 2010

CityVille Review

My Review on CityVille - Facebooks Newest Game

When Cityville guides began popping up I was pretty skeptical about the whole thing. I had never actually played the game myself but I figured that there couldn't be all that much to it. How much strategy could really go into building a virtual city? When I saw all the hype about cityville and the fact that there were these guides I figured there must be something to Cityville after all.

Cityville turned out to be much more complex and enjoyable than I had figured it would be. There are so many options, buildings, crops and additions that you have so many decisions to make. The more I got into playing Cityville the more I realized that the strategies involved were much more complex than I had expected. I did not want to spend all my time using trial and error to get the best possible city. I wanted someone to do all that for me so I went out and bought a guide.

The guide I ended up buying is called Cityville Domination. I had heard some good things about it and it seemed like the most logical choice. Cityville Domination is relatively new and they update it constantly so it contains the latest additions to the game and will add new updates as Cityville adds new features. I wasn't expecting too much from this guide as I have bought game guides in the past the have just been average. Cityville Domination however, completely blew me away! I had no idea how they could have so much detailed information, secrets and strategies when Cityville is still new.

As soon as I began implementing the Cityville secrets, tips, and strategies I went from a level 8 to a level 29 in only a week of relatively little gameplay. There is a lot more going on in Cityville than meets the eye and if you don't do things properly you could be missing out on countless coins and experience while playing more than you need too. If you are interested in getting the most out of your Cityville experience then I recommend picking up a copy of Cityville Domination today.


Mafia Wars Review

My Short Review of Mafia Wars Blueprint, Does it Really Work?

I love Mafia Wars. Don't ask me why. It's a silly, very basic interfaced game that really only draws so much attention because people want to see how their friends are doing. But, for millions every day, it is an entertaining diversion that allows them to show off how good they are at networking and completing simple tasks.

Using a Guide

But, let's face it. Mafia Wars, for as simple as it seems, is tough to do well in. There are just so many people out there and you have to compete with every single one of them. They rob you, beat you up and take all the good mafia members. So, where do you go to find the path to glory without spending tons of cash (*cough* Godfather Points *cough*).

The answer is simple enough now that I've stumbled upon the Mafia Wars Blueprint. This guide, which was recently released to quite a bit of interest, is quickly becoming the go to guide for anyone truly serious about finding the best guide on the market to help them launch their Mafioso career.

The basics are relatively simple. The guide shows you how to get started in the game, how to build your mafia at rapid speed without having to spend a dime, and how to never actually get beaten by your enemies.

Beyond that though, it shows you to reduce the time spent while getting more from that time. The biggest problem most people have with this game is that they're not bored college students who have nothing better to do than to sit around and play the game.

So, a guide like this that breaks it down in a way that makes it incredibly easy to get a lot done very quickly is incredibly impressive.

Do You Need a Good Guide

You may not think you need a good guide, but the odds are that you're just as far behind everyone as I was a few weeks ago. The Mafia Wars Blueprint is the real deal. It's going to get you to where you need to be, where you can dominate your enemies, and quickly land atop the heap of millions that play this game. You do that and you'll be pretty much set for as long as you continue to play the game.

FarmVille Secrets

Getting Started in FarmVille

If you're new to the world of FarmVille, it won't likely take long for you to figure out why this game has captured the imagination of so many people. There are a ton of options when it comes to what seeds you can grow, what buildings and decorations you can put on your farm, and which types of livestock you choose to raise. Because you do have so many options though, it can be a little difficult at first to figure out where to start in order to develop your farm right.

Expand Slowly

You want to get the most out of your land when you're working in FarmVille. This means that you'll want to clear a substantial amount of land so that you can plant as many crops as possible. You do have to be careful about how much land you clear at once though. It costs 15 coins to clear one plot of land, so if you clear too many at once, you won't have any coins left to buy the seeds you want to plant.

It's best to slowly expand your plowed plots of land so that you're always able to take full advantage of their planting potential. After each harvest, it's a good idea to replant on all of your current plots first. Once you've done this it will be much easier to figure out how much more land you can afford to clear this time around. Following this pattern will quickly allow you to expand your farm while ensuring that you always have enough money to plant on all of your cleared plots.

Plan Your Harvests.... Click Here To Visit Our Guide Site

Another aspect of FarmVille that it can be tough to get the hang of at first is timing your harvests right. Each crop you plant in the game will take a particular amount of time to mature. Once a crop is mature, you can harvest it. But don't wait too long. If you don't get back in time, your crops will wither and you'll just have to plow the land again and start over. It's important to plan your plantings so that you'll be able to get back to check on your farm before this happens.

One of the great things about FarmVille is that you can take it as seriously as you want to take it. If you only want to log in once a week, that's fine. Just make sure you plant crops that will last that long. Once you start playing though, it's not likely you'll be able to stay away for very long.